• At 1st UK Mortgages, we are the leading bad credit mortgage broker for individuals who may have less than perfect credit but are ready to purchase a home. At 1st UK Mortgages, we work with all credit levels on new mortgages, remortgages, and even secured loans for those that request them.


    Our specialists are on staff seven days a week from 9AM – 9PM and are ready to put together a personalized plan of lenders that will work with you and your needs. Due to our expertise in the industry, we know exactly what lenders will work with, and what lenders will not allow for bad credit scores from their applicants.


    We use this knowledge to our advantage and to help our clients get the approval they need. Should applicants be eligible for a secured loan or a remortgage on their current property, we will work to find the best deal possible on the UK market today.

    Visit 1st UK Mortgage to learn how you could be eligible for a secured loan or remortgage, regardless of your credit score!


    Products and Services

    • Personalized specialist that will work with you during the entire process of obtaining a mortgage.
    • Mortgages for bad credit.
    • Remortgages for bad credit.
    • Bad credit mortgage brokers
    • Advice on mortgage denials or refusals
    • Much more!




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